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This refers to the two glands found at the anus. These glands collect toxins that accumulate in the body and are passed out of the body by stool or urine movement. Some people refer to these as the scenting glands as a means of territory marking amongst dogs. Dogs show signs of anal glands problems by rubbing the rear end on the floor trying to squeeze them (to no avail). Dogs with full anal glands need them squeezing by a vet or other qualified professional.

Some vets recommend feeding bran as extra fibre which will create a hard stool which puts more pressure on the anal glands when the dog moves its bowels. This does not solve the problem: it merely makes the dog increase on stool volume, i.e. moving the bowels four or five times a day. Ideally, a dog should move its bowels once a day, passing true waste, not food it cannot digest.

The solution is the more digestible the food, the greater the reduction in the amount of toxins that accumulate in the body, reducing the amount of foul smelling toxins in the anal glands. Healthy Option Pet Foods are ideal recipes and when fed correctly will help reduce toxins and so help prevent the reoccurrence of anal gland problems.


Many dogs can often exert difficult to control behaviour and may appear aggressive, timid, hyperactive or noisy. It is a common problem and one that is, thankfully, easy to control.

The most important contributing factor is diet. What is needed is a diet free from additives and E-numbers. Similarly, a diet that provides an excess of protein could be a contributory factor.

Healthy Option Pet Foods are nutritionally balanced and contain the right amount of proteins and carbohydrates that release a steady flow of energy, giving your animal all the energy he needs. They are also free from additives and E-numbers and this means there is no level of toxic build up in your animal, which results in hyperactive or unruly behaviour.

Most importantly, if you think your animal has one of the conditions listed below, you must consult your vet immediately. Serious problems can occur if no expert medical knowledge is sought.


Digestive Disorders (Sickness, Colitis, Diarrhoea


Many pets will periodically eat grass to induce vomiting. The reason behind this is the dog or cat is attempting to de-tox its own digestive system that has, over time, accumulated a build up of toxins, and so clear its system.

Another reason for digestive disorders can be bacterial or viral infection. In the older pet, kidney and liver disease are more prevalent. If the pet has undergone a quick change of diet, the reason for its digestive complaints is more often than not due to this rapid change of nutrition. This is rather akin to a British person trying new exotic, spicy food and developing what is commonly referred to as ‘Spanish Tummy’. Many pet owners blame the problems of the food, labelling it as being ‘to rich’. In truth, poor quality pet foods contain cheap ingredients, such as wheat or meat and animal derivatives (emphatically not quality meat), which are hard to digest.


There are many reasons why a pet may develop diarrhoea, but which are not strictly limited to, bacterial infections, viral infections or even poisoning.

Unfortunately, most of the time, the main cause is in fact the animal’s owner! Feeding a poor quality diet or a quickly changing diet will lead to diarrhoea in the animal. If a pet is fed correctly, it will digest the food and move its bowels correctly. Yet many owners will, on occasion, try to give variety to a pet’s diet, as they do with their own. Humans like change and vary their diet almost daily, depending on their mood, climate, season etc. Certain manufacturers of pet food note this and market the variety of their foods, encouraging change. On further investigation, reading the ingredients shows that the actual contents of this diverse change are almost identical.

In reality, it is in the pet’s best interest to be kept on the same food; in this way, it will not develop sickness, colitis or diarrhoea. Healthy Option Pet Foods contain only the finest ingredients for ease of digestion. What’s more, they are also very economical to feed.



Some particular breeds of dog seem more prone to developing ear complaints, e.g. Spaniels. Certain remedies seem to clear the problem, albeit for a short time. The problem then reoccurs. Wax develops in the inner ear and an ear infection quickly develops. Using ear drops or canker powder will clear the problem but will not treat the root cause. Feeding Healthy Option Pet Foods reduces the amount of toxins developing in the body, reducing the amount of toxins that are emitted out of the body through earwax. Proof of this can be found in the results of a survey that monitored the amount of ear drops or canker powder that was sold in a twelve month period to owners whose dogs were fed on Healthy Option Pet Food as opposed to owners whose dogs were fed on a different pet food (from 2002 to 2003). Unsurprisingly, demand for these products was considerably higher for those feeding other pet foods. Almost all of those on Healthy Option Pet Food had no need for these products.


Eye problems can often present themselves in the form of a discharge or what appears to be ‘weepy eyes’ in the animal. This is primarily due to a high build up of toxins in the body and this discharge is the body’s attempt to rid these toxins from the system. The most significant contributing factor is diet that contains E-numbers and additives. A food such as Healthy Option Pet Foods is ideal in reducing toxicity levels in your animal’s system.

Constant ‘weeping’ is most probably a result of poor diet; if however the ‘weeping’ is a one off occurrence, then an infection is probably the cause and an eye wash, such as the one recommended below will help.


Fleas are tiny insects that live by sucking the blood from both dogs and cats (as well as horses, rabbits, rats and mice) and cause discomfort and irritation.

Adult fleas can lay up to 500 eggs during their lifetime. It is therefore important to treat the problem as soon as fleas have been discovered.

Obvious indications that your animal has fleas include scratching, licking and chewing the skin, as well as hair loss. Brush through the coat and look for flea droppings which are dry and black.
Some animals are actually allergic to fleas. When feeding from the animal, the flea passes a chemical into the skin to prevent blood clotting, allowing the flea extra feeding time. This chemical can cause skin to be extremely uncomfortable and lead to the dog or cat chewing its own skin. If this is the case, urgent medical attention is needed.

Sometimes, however, owners can’t see anything physically wrong with their dog/cat. If you can’t see any evidence of fleas, then a natural flea repellent works best, e.g. Tea Tree or Neem, or by using garlic in their diet as a natural preventative. These approaches work better than putting chemicals on the dog/cats skin as that will inevitably lead to further problems.


Skin complaints are often treated with medicines, creams, steroids, etc. In reality, these rarely work as the root cause of the problem is overlooked. Dogs develop skin complaints over a period of time, not generally over night. Therefore, curing the problem will not be instantaneous. Creams and steroids seem to work initially but the longevity of their usefulness is limited because the root cause of most major skin problems invariably lies in the animal’s diet. Dogs are generally fed a poor quality diet or, in a small number of cases, fed a good diet but excessively.

The solution is to feed a good diet correctly. This will reduce the amount of toxins coming through the skin and coat as it would with moulting.

Dogs that have skin problems may have very dry, red and inflamed skin. To sooth the skin, a quality shampoo (one preferably made from Tea Tree) will help calm the skin. When the dog’s diet is controlled correctly, the skin will be healed and the dog will cease scratching.


This is a common problem among both dogs and cats. Due to the strain extra weight can cause, obesity can often be the cause of a number of problems, including heart problems, circulation problems, problems of the limbs and spine, arthritis, rheumatism, and can even be to blame for diabetes, cancer and death.

Dogs that are overweight will show little enthusiasm in exercise, pant frequently and will often be lethargic. If unsure, look at your dog. A large abdomen and hard to view ribs are indicative of obesity. In order to gauge your dog’s weight, use the bathroom scales, or for a more accurate reading, your vet will be able to weigh your dog using electronic scales.

Of course, the most important factor in a dog’s weight and general wellbeing is diet.

Healthy Option Pet Foods are an ideal diet in controlling the weight of your animal. Obesity is a build up of excess fat when the energy taken in by food is greater than the amount of energy released by the animal. Healthy Option Pet Foods are nutritionally balanced and provide the right amount of energy for your animal.

Feeding Guide

In order to combat the obesity of your dog or cat, the amount of food given should be with regards to your animal’s target weight, not the actual weight of your dog or cat. For dogs that are not satisfied by their target weight amount of food, it is recommended adding vegetables or Healthy Option Mixer to the dog’s meal and not extra amounts of the dog’s existing diet or else the obesity problem will never be resolved.


Many pet owners put up with their animals shedding unbelievable amounts of hair. At Healthy Option Pet Foods, we have seen remarkable cases of dogs filling rubbish bins with hair after being groomed. Many owners are not aware of the purpose of moulting or what happens to their pet at this time.

The purpose of moulting is to remove the winter coat and when casting this, toxins that have accumulated in the body over this period are also shed. This should last for a couple of weeks; dogs that continually shed hair have an excessive amount of toxic matter in the body.

Feeding Healthy Option Pet Foods will reduce the amount of toxins that accumulate. So after only four to six weeks of feeding Healthy Option Pet Food, hair loss will be reduced to nil or very little.

Here at Healthy Option Pet Foods, we do not believe that central heating is the cause of persistent hair loss, but this does augment the problem by recreating the warm environment in which your animal would normally shed his hair: this artificially warm environment fetches toxins to the surface as it would during the normal moulting process.


Many cats also suffer from hair loss after constant self grooming. They develop hair balls and leave these nasty deposits around the home. Currently available on the market is a grass-based product for domestic cats to eat to induce vomiting (as dogs often do). If the cat were fed better quality food, the toxins would not build up in the animal and the hair that becomes deposited hair balls would not be shed in the first place.

It has been said that feral cats do not suffer from hair balls and that domestic cats living in a domestic environment do. This therefore means that it is a common-held belief (one also held by some vets) that heating in the home is its main cause and that has not been considered. After researching this here at Healthy Option Pet Foods, we have concluded that domestic cats fed on better quality food are not unlike their feral counterparts and don’t suffer from fur balls.


Pregnancy lasts between 63-65 Days.

Feeding Guide for Pregnancy

Increase feeding amount by approx 45% after 30 Days.
Double the guide at about 45 Days.
Puppies should be fed 'Healthy Option' Puppy Food From 2 - 3 Weeks old.


This refers to inflammation or pain of the joints and presents itself in symptoms including stiffness and stretching, and swollen and painful joints. You may notice your dog no longer enjoys exercise and when walking takes lots of rests.

Mobility and stiffness are more commonly seen in older dogs and cats but the pain and restrained movements are caused by muscle spasm, not ‘old age’, and this is caused by the accumulation of waste metabolic products in the muscle. In fact, these complaints are being seen more and more in younger animals.

The growth of young dogs is very important and this stage of the animals’ growth is not often associated with problems relating to joints and muscles. However, incorrect feeding can make your dog grow unusually quickly, which can create problems such as osteochondritis or hip dysplasia. By feeding Healthy Option Pet Foods, the development of these symptoms can be avoided. Feeding Healthy Option Pet Foods will provide a young dog with the correct amount of nutrition without providing excessive protein and fats for a steady growth, avoiding problems in later life.

With older pets, feeding Healthy Option Pet Foods may help reduce the amount of toxins that develop in the body. This in turn will help reduce the stiffness or difficulty of mobility that is often described as rheumatism or pain of joints and muscles. Many pet owners see a remarkable improvement in the dog’s mobility after feeding Healthy Option Pet Foods for only a short period of time. This is mainly because the dog has reduced the amount of toxins in the body. The root cause of the problem is the diet and once this has been addressed the symptom is more easily managed. This (unlike short term fixes from drugs) will prolong the health of the pet.

You must ensure that your dog or cat is at the right weight as being overweight places stress upon the joints of the body and can accelerate stiffness and mobility problems. Healthy Option Pet Foods contain sufficient protein, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Overfeeding is unnecessary.


Nobody likes the smell of stale pets, yet most owners become immune to the smell of their pets and therefore tend not to notice the intrusive smell. The solution to the problem of body odour is to remove the amount of toxins excreted from the body by correct feeding. If the pet has an accumulation of toxins in the body, they are excreted through the skin and coat, emitting an odour. No amount of baths, shampoos or masking sprays will solve the problem. One example we have seen here at Healthy Option Pet Foods is that of a dog owner who regularly took his dog for a swim, yet found that the dog took a considerably long time to dry despite using towels and hairdryers. Once the dog’s diet was changed, the oils naturally found in the coat improved and the owner no longer had any problems drying his dog; he was quoted as saying ‘it’s like water off a duck’s back’. And there’s no more odours to boot.


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